Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Term 3 Week 6

Youth Town
Yesterday room 28 ( not room 29 ) went to youth town I love youth town ( I'm being sarcastic ).  Anyways the teachers were megaton, brad and I don remember the third person sorry. We started of as orderly as it can start youth town said good morning to us we said that to them today we were doing something  with hockey stick one part was round and the other was flat.  First Brad explained the rules of using this type of hokey stick.  Then he explained the rules of a game.  Now I'm going to explain the rules                                                ingredients for this game :
About 27 people, Hokey sticks, a ball for everyone, a big room or lots of space  

How to hold a stick : get the hand you don write with and put it on top of the grip ( if you have one ) put the hand you write with at the end of the grip.  Your not allowed to use the round side you tern it around ( the name is thums up thums down.  Now open your legs wide then put your the stick in the center of your legs but its a little bit forwards if you don't have any of the ingredients above you can't do any of this
  • The first game rules  : Step 1 know how to hold a hockey stick ( advice is up above ).  Step 2 try to get the other players ball out   
  • ingredients for this game : 

Hokey sticks, a ball for everyone, a big room or lots of space, cones  
The second game rules :  There is three number's the first number is when you tap the ball 10 times.  Number 2  spin around the ball till it stops.  Number 3 put inside and out your legs 5 times  

Now that I've explained the games I can tell you what happened at the end we played the first game at the end then we all claped all at the same time then we went to class.