Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Swimming Dolphins

My Reflection
I'm good at floating with swimming but I want to get better so I need to practice.  I need to have a harder kick so I need to practice more.  I need to work on bringing my togs more often.   

Friday, 20 November 2015

Term 4 week 6

Yesterday room 28/29 were going for there 2nd swim this week I didn't have a towel so I dyed in the sun.

First we walked there then our group got dressed in the dolphins group was Raj, Ridwan, Blake and Mauriora.  When all of the dolphins got dressed we got in the pool when I got in I went pale that's how cold I was.  Mrs M told us to run behind Dee we ran about 2 or 3 laps ( we were running in a circle ) then Mrs  M told us to float on our backs.

After we did that Mrs M said "were going to practising our arms again ( this was my first time at swimming ) so I didn't know what arms was.  But she showed us then she said to do what she did but walking.  Then after 2 more laps Mrs M told us to still walk but put your chin just above the water.  So we did that I wasn't going to stay but I  changed my mind.  Then we had to the same thing but put our face in the water then we yours a bored the i t was free time!!

Then Mrs M got some hoop looking inflatable thing that goes on the water then she got some small hoop looking thing that sunk.  After 10-20 minutes I got out but just when I got in the changing room everyone got out then when I ( and everyone ) got dreased we went back to class.    

Narrative task Rhys and Damien

My Reflection
We did this because this was a part of our weekly tasks. This was easy because I made most of this up. My next step is to add more details.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Term 4 week 5

Fantastic Friday (on a Thursday)
Yesterday we had fantastic Friday on a Thursday because we were going to do our showcase on Friday.  We went to our groups and we sat down I was in vintage games.  We had learnt these 6 games 4 square, elastics, long rope, knuckle bones and bump. 

We were making a video so we didn't haft to preform when we were at the assembly.  I started playing 4 square I started in the 2nd square.  When I got the ball thrown at me was out then then someone else was in then straight away he was out.  Then I was in toilet then king finally threw at number three then ten minutes or so he left then five minutes or so two people had asked " can I play," then an other ten minutes or so the king left.  Then five minutes or so everyone left then me and an other kid year 5 I think were stuck with the ball so we made up some games and played them.  After a while 2 people came we had forgot we could of played 4 square but we carried on and when two Tanzee and Eliani ( that was from my class ) stole one of the balls. Then I realized then said " you know we can play 4 square but it was the end of the the session so we went to our classes and did what we normally do at the afternoons.                                               

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Narrative task Rhys and Damien

My Reflection
We did this because it was apart of our weekly tasks.  This was easy because this was short and I had a little help.  My next step is to not need help.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Determining Credibilty

My Reflection
We did this because this was a part of our weekly tasks.  This was easy because I read the thing so that helped me a lot.  My next step is to add more

Add details to explain

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Fractured Fairy Tales lesson 1

My Reflection
We did this because this was a part of our weekly tasks.  This was easy because I have self knowledge about little red ridding hod.  My next step is to help a little bit more.      

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Term 4 week 4

On Sunday me, Liam, dad, Emma and my ante went to a beach that I don't know the name of. 

First we drove to the beach.  I tried to go to sleep Liam had his mp 3 player on so I couldn't.  Did I mention my dad got a new van it was an auto dad doesn't like auto cars and vans he likes Manuel cars and vans. Dads van was an 8 seater. Me and Liam's favorite seats were the very back ones.

After we arrived we went to the beach when we reached the beach I went on the sand to make a sand volcano.  dad asked us if we wanted to go for walk I said no Liam said yes  they went for there walk I finished my sand castle when I was finished I destroyed it.  About 30 minutes later they came back dad said there was deep sand so I said "can I go," " Liam can take you," dad said.  So we went to the deep sand when we got there the sand started to go down it got deeper and deeper as we had gone father then I slipped.  Then my feet were stuck in the sand I don't know why but I covered my whole legs.  Then dad came and said " you know I saw everything," then I said "I can't get out," then dad said "cover him" then I got out.  Liam was going to get dad before dad came I said "you'll owe me nothing if you get dad," Liam owed me 3£ then we went to where we were sitting before we left while we were walking Liam and my ante got into a fight my ante won when we got there we left.