Friday, 25 September 2015

10 Fact Challenge

My Reflection
I and the class did this brain challenge near the begging of the year and I did this and a load of other activtys that I don't want to put on my blog.  My next step is to put longer facts     

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Kensuke's kingdom chapter 2

   Fun facts about turtles
My Refection
We did this because we were reading a book called Michael Morpurgo  Kensuke's kingdom and we did this activity because the teacher said we had to.  This was tricky because I had to memorise  parts of the story.  I liked this because I got to do one of my favorite animals.                

Kensuke's Kingdom

My Reflection
I am learning to extend my knowledge of new vocabulary. this was easy because I gessed what it meant and then searched on dictionary then it told me the proper meaning of the word write it in my own words Boom done.  

Learning fractions

 What is an improper fraction? 
An improper fraction is two ornery fraction's made into an improper one ( that basically means the numerator is bigger then denominator ).       

What is a mixed fraction?
A mixed fraction  is a whole number and a proper fraction combined

how do you change a mixed fraction's to an improper fraction?
you multiply the full number times the denominator.  Then you add the numerator after you add it all together. then you change the numerator with your answer    
        My Reflection
This was hard because when I played the game I didn't know my fractions well at all but now I know most of my fractions like one fifth of 40 = 8           

Monday, 21 September 2015

Tree planting

     Tree planting 
On Tuesday the 21st of July room twenty eight twenty nine went to plant native trees.  There was three people I only remember two Carl and Paul.  There were five trees Paul only said three.  Oh I just remembered the third person was Anna. We did this so the path way ( that was made of gravel ) doesn't go on a slope.  Anyways Paul said the types of trees there were Toi Toi's, Flax's and cabbage trees.  Oh and Paul showed us an Fertilizer pellet (It looks like a greenish big mint ) Paul also said " a Fertilizer pellet makes the trees grow a little faster," he also also said " it gives the trees a little boost ya know, " after ms M said to " get into pears , "   so ... we got into pears ( I was with peter ).  There were two types of shovels an heavy one ( that's orange ) and a light one ( that's grey ) first I chose the heavy one but after a few seconds me and peter were pretty shore it was to heavy oh did I machine that Carl was watching us Carl said " I'll get you boys an other one ". It was tricky when there was fat roots before we left we washed our hands.  I felt a bit tired.                                
My Reflection
We did this because everyone need trees in winter to breathe.  This was easy because all I had to do was
write stuff and correct it easy.   

Monday, 14 September 2015

Kensuke's Kingdom Character Interview

My Reflection
I'm learning use prior knowledge and experience when we relate to a given text topic to construct a reader’s response. This was easy because I knew all of peter's questions ( Peter's questions were easy. Our next step is to do harder questions and more questions.   

Friday, 4 September 2015

Geometry 3D shapes

My Reflection
We are learning about geometry, edges, faces and corners of a 3D shape.  This was easy because I know a lot about geometry especially 3D shapes.  It was easy as marshmallows.  My next step is to learn about nets of 3D shapes.