Friday, 30 October 2015

The most awesome grandpa ever (not real grandparent )

My Reflection
We did this because this was a part of our weekly tasks.  This was easy ( with a little help ) because I made this up.  My next step is to write more.     

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Writing flamework


My Reflection
We did this because this was a part of our weekly tasks.  This was easy because I knew about grandpa Joel because I watched Willy Waoka and the chocolate factory.  My next step is to think more deeply         

Monday, 19 October 2015

Fact Finding in Non-Fiction texts

My Reflection
We did this because we had to.  This was easy because I'm good at this.  My next step is to not gess in some of them.  

Friday, 16 October 2015

Term 4 Week 1

Sorry I forgot what day I was going to you talk about.   Anyways Now I'm going to talk about when I saw the movie pan.  have you seen pan yet?

First around 7:00 me and my step brother Liam were minding our own business  then Emma Liam said in all of a sudden "we're going to botany in an hour" I said "why," "were going to the bank and other stuff" Emma said.  Emma's bank is ANZ ok.  In an hour we git changed out of our pajamas and in to real cloths we had to take a bus Emma had glasses so she couldn't drive and dad took the only car ( he has a van ) we had  Auckland transport cards a.t for short once we swiped the card pass that says tag on on the top.  Once we got at botany we went to ANZ and Emma went in the que ( that was long ) all she wanted to do was put cash on her card then a woman came and asked "why are you waiting" Emma replayed with "I'm just putting money on my card to be honest I think that happened I was sitting so I gust saw them talking after a minute or so Emma the thing where you put your card in and do a pin then it pops up with 6 things for you to chose from. The woman told Emma how to put cash on her card.

After that we left ANZ we went to the movies to get the tickets before liam said " I bet ya were going  to the movies," and he was correct.  Now we were of to get some lollies  the store was called the sweet land.  The 
only type of name I remember was giant fuzzes.  Liam ate a lolly when Emma didn't pay yet when Emma payed we left to go to New world to buy drinks for us once that was done we went to the movie Emma tricked me and said it was the maze runner 2 when I saw it I hated it so scary even thinking about it makes me scared when the movie started I relised the movie was pan I got angry at Emma when I got calm again I watched the movie it was good at the end I did a spew in a plastic bag then I put it in a bin and left.