Tuesday, 31 March 2015

My Pepeha

This is my pepeha.  I have been learning to introduce myself in Maori.  I also made some art to display my pepeha.
My Reflection
Our class did this because we want other people to know what our personally is.  This was easy because I know every thing about me.  My next step is to do neater in my art      

Comparing Characters

My Reflection
I have been learning to describe the characters in a story.  We read a story called Who's a Big Bully Then by Michael Morpurgo.  We used a venn diagram to compare to the two main characters.  I found this tricky because it was hard to think of words.  My next step is to think more carefully about the characters when I am reading a story.

Monday, 23 March 2015

100 word challenge

One day it was a very suney day suddenly I saw godzilla it was crazy it blew up a tower boom! I got a sowed then... godzilla made minoens " what the" I siad. The minoens had mini sowed's. I stabed and stabed   and finlley I stabed them all but... I had to deal with godzilla it blasted fire! I ran and ran. Then I found a gold sawed. I chargd! I found a poshin that mackes you giant. So I drank it. Then the challnenge was on! My sawed was big to. I punched godzilla he was dead very well.

We have been learning to add detail to our writing by doing the 100 word challenge.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Term 1 Week 7

This week  some of  room 28/29 did the 100 word chanlage.  We had to do 100 words.  I had to wight a about a picher.  I woght about a guy called steve.  I tryed and tryed my hardest.  I tryed and still tryed.  I still tryed I finished jost on time.      

Monday, 16 March 2015

Place Value

I was learning to read numbers up to a million and to say which is bigger or smaller.

The thing that helped me most was:
- using my basic facts to help with bigger numbers
- remembering to look at the left to see if the digits are bigger
- using streets and houses to break up bigger number
- practising on Mathletics

My next step is to:
- try the same activity using bigger numbers
- use this information to do more problems

Thursday, 12 March 2015

African praise poem

My Reflection
I have been writing an African Praise poem about myself.  I found it easy to think of words to describe myself.  I found it tricky to use alliteration.  Next time I could add more details about myself.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Term 1 Week 6

This week at asemibly room 28/29 dindent win the mathletics trophy.  I was disponted.  I was quite angy.  I thoght try harder room 28/29.  19/20 won.  I thoght we haft to beat room 19/20.  I thoght agien 28/29 need to win.  

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Term 1 Week 5

This week we are learning about the blue whale challenge first me and quin did the draw a whale.